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About us


My name is Govind Tiwary , working as App developer and web developer too. i am here to guide people who need help in learning php MySQL, HTML,CSS, and javascript.

I am working in Web Designing since 2018 and I have achieved a lot of success in it

I have graduated from Chapra,Bihar and I have not received any formal education in computer language. I have learned programming using online and books such as html, css, php, javascript and bootstrap etc.

I have been very interested in computer language since childhood and I made my first webpage in 2008 and later I created many big websites.

In the beginning, I faced many difficulties, so I decided to create a website where people could get rid of the troubles of learning computer languages.

Friends, the main purpose of creating this bolg is to provide the information related to php and mysql in a simple way to the peoples. This blog provides you with information about e-commerce website, database managment, school management, phpquries, and php functions. This blog has been designed keeping your needs in mind if these posts are to be carefully studied with something new and you will be able to design your website according to your needs.