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Adding HTML Physical Character Effects

Use Font Styles.

The basic physical styles are <i>,<b> and <u>.


The syntax for each elements are


  • <I> Text </I>
  • <B> Text</B>
  • <u> Text</u>


Here<I> stands for italics and <B> stands for bold.


Ex: <I>This is Italics</I>


In the above example, the text  “This is in italics” will be displayed in italics.


Ex: <B>This is in Bold </B>


In the above example, the text “This is in Bold” will be displayed in Bold.

You can also nest the tags to get a combined effect.


Ex: <I>This part is in italics and <B> this part is both in italics and in bold </B></I>


The text “This part is in italics and” will be displayed in italics and the text “this part is both in italics and in bold” will be displayed both in italics and in bold.:


Underline Text

<u> stands for underline.

Ex: <u> this text is underlined</u>


The above example will display the line “this text is underlined” with underline.


Specify Strikethrough formatting


Strikethrough indicates text that has been deleted but is still left on the page for review. This wey other readers can review the changes and know how the revision of the document has progressed. The syntax is <STRIKE>…Text…</STRIKE>.


Ex: to be <strike>included</strike>


In the above example the word “included” will appear with strikethrough.


Include Superscript & Subscript


A superscript is text set slightly higher than the base text.

The syntax for setting superscript is <sup>…text… </sup>.


Ex: a<sup>2</sup>+b<sup>2</sup>+c


The above example will  display the arithmetic formula a2+b2+c with the number 2 slightly above a,b and c.

A subscript is text set slightly lower than the base text.


Ex: h<sub>2</sub>o


The above example will return the h2o with the number 2 slightly lower than h and o.

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