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Computer Hardware

Under computer hardware comes all the things that we can touch with our hands such as: – C.P.U, Monitor, Keyboard, Floppy, printer, etc.

The most important item in computer hardware is the Central Processing Unit (C.P.U) or Central Analysis Cell. It is of the following type

  • Power Supply

The entire C.P.U is supplied by this part only. This part takes 220 Volt or 110 Volt power from outside and inside it supplies 12 Volt, + 5 Volt and -5 Volt respectively.

  • Arithmetic & Logic Uni :-(A.L.U)

This is the second important part of the CPU. When we send any data to the CPU by the Keyboard, this part of the CPU itself or the data is duly and verbally, in this part All so that even that mathematical function is closed


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