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Introduction to Java



Java programming is not as hard as people think. Well Internet is here to stay and so is Java. The Internet is rowing every day in a gigantic manner that we could not even imagine some years back, and that is the net. Java is so intriguing and so successful that even ajar players in the industry, including Netscape and Microsoft, have jumped aboard, providing Java-compatible software for the Internet.


One Omani that has scored a big hit on the Internet is Sun Micro systems, who released this unusual programming language called Java. Once you get hands on Java, your Internet experience is guaranteed never be the same again.


Well, you’ll find out how easy Java programming can be as you spend a few hours with this book. Anyone can learn how to write computer programs-even if they can’t program a VCR—and the Java language is a great way to do it.


Java is the most exciting programming language that has been released in a decade because of the things can do.


Using Java you can do everything from adding simple animation to your Web pages to writing sophisticated computer programs that your web page’s users can use online. Applets that have already been released include game, spreadsheets, graphing programs, animation controllers, simulators, and much, much more…


  • Add animation to a Web page,
  • Write games and useful utilities,
  • Create programs that sport a graphical user interface,
  • And design software that makes the most of the Internet

What’s so special about Java?-Java enables programmers to create something-called applets.  Applets are special computer programs that can be included as element of a Web page. Hen the user views a Web page containing one of these applets, the machine he’s connected  to automatically sends the applet to the user and the user’s own Java-compatible browser runs the applet. Because applets are transferred in a non-machine-specific form, they can run on any machine that has a Java interpreter.

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