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Learn SEO Tutorial, Part-2

Easily Learn SEO Part-2

4. Submit your website sitemap to Google Submit sitemap of your website to Google –
sitemap creation

Create and submit a sitemap.

A Sitemap is an .xml file. This file contains all the information of our blog.

With the help of this, Google’s crawlers add all the information of our blog to their database.

XML Sitemap kya hai – Understand in Hindi
How to Create and Submit a Sitemap – 3 Easy Steps

5. Optimize Blog Images Optimize images of your blog or website –

image optimization
optimize images
Optimizing images is very important. Definitely use images in your blog. Use keywords in the ALT tag of each image.

search engines do not recognize images, if they know the same name of the image, then you should tell them in alt tag.

6. Create useful content in Blog Create High-Quality Content –

If there is quality content in the blog then there is a lot of chance that the search engines will also like it.

Returning visitors also increase when the content is good.

7. Write regular content on blog:-

Adding content regularly to your blog helps us a lot in SEO.

Search engines come to know that this blog is active and we also get content for internal linking.

8. Write a long blog Make your blog post lengthy –

Short blog posts are not SEO friendly. Write 1000 – 2000 words from a blog work. Long blogs have many benefits.

In a long blog, we can reach more information readers. I have done the same thing in this SEO in Hindi article.

People spend more time on our site, which tells Google that people are liking our content.

In a long blog, we can also do internal linking in a better way.


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