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Learn SEO Tutorial, Part-3

Easily Learn SEO Part-3

9. Internally link all blogs together

Create internal linking –
internal linking
Internal linking is a very powerful SEO strategy.
Internal linking is very important in the 35+ Techniques I have talked about in my Complete On-page SEO Guide too.

Wikipedia is an excellent example of interlinking. Internal linking is to link a page to another page.

A good internal linked site tells google that this site is very resourseful.

With this, all our blog posts get SEO boost. And this is possible only when there is more content on our site, which can be linked among themselves.


10. Distribute your content to social sites like facebook, twitter Distribute your content to all social media platforms

The more important it is to put content on the website, the more important it is to reach the maximum people.

In today’s competitive time, we should not wait for people to find us, but we have to reach our content to them.

There are many social networking sites where people spend their time – eg, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn Etc.

Publish your blog post on all these platforms.

Hey……. You forgot to share this post of mine.



11. Create high quality and relevant backlinks for your blog:-

Backlinks creation

Click :- Backlinks creation


Create quality backlinks only.
Backlinks are very important in our SEO. When creating backlinks, we have to take care of many things.

First of all, while bringing backlink, keep in mind that the website you are linking to should be trustworthy.

Taking backlinks from sites related to your field has a very good effect on our SEO ranking.

For example – if my site is related to education then backlink from .edu domain would be great.

12. Allow the comments of readers on the blog and reply to them

Allow comments on your blog and interact with your readers
Comments increase our SEO ranking. Encourage your readers to comment and reply to their comments.

This will create a trust between you and the readers, which is very important for a blogger.

just a minute ……….

13. Use social media plugins Use social media plugins on your blog

People who like humare blog can also share it with others, for this we use social media plugins.

When people share our blog, Google knows that it is a useful post and our ranking increases in search results.

14. Blog’s title and description are attractive and meaningful Attractive title and description –

According to Google’s guidelines, it is very important in search engine optimization that we pay very close attention to our Meta title and meta description.

In these, we have to use keywords. At the same time it has to be made attractive.

So that while searching Google, the attention of the people goes to him and he clicks on our website.

Also take care that match our title and description from our page.

If this is not done then the visitors will not take interest in the content of the page and will go back, due to which our bounce rate will increase and ranking will decrease.

15. Increase blog speed Keep an eye on your blog speed –

If the speed of our blog is slow then the google search engine reduces our ranking.

Google wants to give the best experience to its users. If the site takes time to open then visitors will go back and our bounce rate will increase and ranking in google will decrease.

Click:- Increase blog speed

16. Make your website responsive for all devices Make your website responsive –

According to Google updates, if your website is not responsive then it will not be able to rank in the search engine result page.

Nowadays most people use mobile or tablet and non -reesponsive websites do not work properly on them.

So if your blog or website or website is not mobile responsive then make it responsive.



17. Buy your Domain for longer period Book your Domain for longer period-

Domains that are purchased for a long time perform well in SEO. For long time domain book tells Google that the owner of that domain is serious about his website. Book your domain for 5 or 10 years.

18. Install Google Analytics on your website-

With the help of Google analytics, you can analyze your SEO efforts.

It is a very powerful tool. Bounce rate, time spent on the site by visitors, exit pages etc. We can get information from analytics.

What is Google Analytics and how to setup?
Now it’s your turn …

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