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Learn SEO Tutorial, Part-1

Easily Learn SEO Part-1

By following the steps of this Learn SEO tutorial, both your website traffic and ranking in search engines will increase.

SEO is very important to increase the traffic of any blog.

But before learning SEO, it is important that you know –

1. What is SEO?


2. How does Google search engine work?

Today, 10 million blogs are published every day in google.

So it is very likely that our blog should get lost in this crowd and no one can see it.

If this is not the case, it is necessary that we SEO our blog so that it will come on top of Google and it gets maximum visitors.

Learn SEO Tutorial

Search Engine Optimization increases the organic ranking of our website.

We can understand this by this example – When we do some search in Google, then the page that comes to us is called SERP i.e. Search Engine Result Page. This page has two types of results.

1. Inorganic results – which are advertisements and come to the place by paying money.
2 Organic results – which come without paying on it, but for this, we have to do Search Engine Optimization.

Organic and inorganic results on the SERP page look like this –

Examples of organic and inorganic results

With search engine optimist we can come to the top in Google’s organic results. And this Learn SEO in Hindi tutorial will help you in this.

To do SEO for a website or blog follow these steps –

1. Submit your new blog to Google and other search engines Submit your website to Search engines –
If your blog or website is new, first of all you submit it to all search engines like – Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

When you submit a website on google, all its records go into Google’s database.

2. Choose the right keywords for your website. Find keywords for your website –

The use of the right keywords is most important for Search Engine Optimization.

For example – if my blog is on children’s toys. So my keywords could be- Toys for kids, toys for children, toys for boys, toys for girls, toys for one-year-old kids etc.

To succeed in SEO field, we must choose the right keywords.

  • The right way to do Keyword Research

The most important thing that has to be taken care of for choosing the right keyword is – Good Traffic and low competition

For this, we can use Google Keyword Planner. This is a free tool.

3. Use keywords in your blog or website Use keywords at proper places o the blog –After selecting keywords, use them as such.

Use the Keyword in Page title.
For example – the title of this post of mine is “Easily Learn SEO in Hindi 2017 How do search engine optimization? Latest tutorial for beginners ”

Use keyword in Meta Description.
The meta description of this post of mine is – “Learn SEO in Hindi – SEO is very important to increase the traffic of any website / blog. Follow these steps of SEO and increase your ranking ”

Use keywords in headings.
Like the main heading of this blog post is “Learn SEO in Hindi”

Do not use keyword much in content.
Use the keyword in the Url of the page.
The URL of this page is “learn-SEO-in-Hindi-tutorial”.

The purpose of telling you this example is that whenever you read an article, you must analyze it from the perspective of SEO.



In this free Ebook (20 Tools for SEO) you will get to know many such tools that will help you in doing SEO.

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