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Learn SEO Tutorial, Part-1

Easily Learn SEO Part-1 By following the steps of this Learn SEO tutorial, both your website traffic and ranking in search engines will increase. SEO is very important to increase the traffic of any blog. But before learning SEO, it is important that you know – 1. What...
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Physical Tags in HTML

Adding HTML Physical Character Effects   Use Font Styles.   The basic physical styles are <1>,<b> and <u>.   The syntax for each elements are   <I> Text </I> <B> Text</B> <u> Text</u>   Here<I> stands for italics and <B> stands for bold.   Ex: <I>This is Italics</I>...
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HTML Basics

Chapter-1 HTML Fundamentals HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is a improved is a improved version of SGML-Standard Generalized Markup Language.   Evolution of HTML:- HTML evolved in the following four stages:   Level 0- included only the basic structural elements and assumed that all browsers supported...
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