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Learn SEO Tutorial, Part-2

Easily Learn SEO Part-2 4. Submit your website sitemap to Google Submit sitemap of your website to Google – sitemap creation Create and submit a sitemap. A Sitemap is an .xml file. This file contains all the information of our blog. With the help of this, Google’s crawlers...
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Learn SEO Tutorial, Part-1

Easily Learn SEO Part-1 By following the steps of this Learn SEO tutorial, both your website traffic and ranking in search engines will increase. SEO is very important to increase the traffic of any blog. But before learning SEO, it is important that you know – 1. What...
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Computer Hardware

Under computer hardware comes all the things that we can touch with our hands such as: – C.P.U, Monitor, Keyboard, Floppy, printer, etc. The most important item in computer hardware is the Central Processing Unit (C.P.U) or Central Analysis Cell. It is of the following type Power Supply...
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