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WhatsApp Dark Mode Enable

The complete information related to how Whatsapp Dark Mode is enabled, you are going to get this through my article today. Today I will tell you how you can start Dark Mode within Ours Whatsapp. So, to get the complete information about the dark mode, let’s start this article, which is its name today. Information to enable Whatsapp Dark Mode.

As you all know, some updates keep coming in WhatsApp. Because of which we people only benefit. So that we do not face any problem in using Whatsapp. Through my previous post, I had also informed you about that update of Whatsapp, through which we can transfer money to anyone through our Whatsapp. You can see my previous post by clicking here. We have added one more feature inside Whatsapp for the convenience of people. Which is the name of Whatsapp Dark Mode.

WhatsApp Dark Mode Enable

WhatsApp Dark Mode Enable

Dark Mode Kya hai little we know about it, after that we will learn to activate it. Dark Mode is one of the features that changes the background of your Mobile Phone to Black Background. Due to this black background, the theme of our mobile application also becomes black. And because of this black theme, our eyes do not get stressed. That is, our eyes are more safe. This Black theme is called Dark Mode. Now this black theme is present in our Whatsapp.

Let us now see how we will enable this Dark Mode. Before giving information related to how Whatsapp Dark Mode is enabled, I would like to tell you all. Whatsapp Dark Mode does not work on all Android versions. Whatsapp Dark Mode is currently working only on Android 9.0. Maybe it should be launched soon for Android version.

Now let’s talk about what will be the Whatsapp Dark Mode Enable Kaise.
So to start the dark mode in Whatsapp, open your Whatsapp.
After this, at the top, you have to click on the 3 dot and click on Setting.
After this you have to click on the option containing Chats.
After this, at the top you will see a new button of the Theme, you have to click on it.
Clicking on the Theme button will appear in front of you. You have to select it.
Your Whatsapp Dark Mode will enable me as soon as you click on the dark button. You can change the entire setting of Whatsapp Dark Mode.

So I hope that through this video of mine today, all of you will have received WhatsaApp Dark Mode Enable Karne ki Jankari, further you will continue to bring similar information for people, you will stay connected with me in this way and wait for my arrival Of posts. So that’s all for today in your next post.

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